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  1. runetc said: Congratulations!
  2. becomingkal said: Wow you are super fast! Awesome job1
  3. sabbyrunsatl said: Wow, that’s fast!
  4. thoughtsfloataround said: Congratulations!
  5. canyoukeepapromise said: Your friend is ridiculously tall with teeny tiny legs. lol
  6. shortmom said: Dude!!!!!! Way to go!!!! That is AMAZING!!!!!!
  7. joshbuildshealth said: Awesome - congrats!!
  8. becky-balances said: That’s awesome, congratulations!!
  9. shrinkingmomma said: Congrats on the PR!
  10. snapthistiger said: fantastic marathon!!!
  11. runningthankful said: What an AWESOME time! Congratulations!!!! Can’t wait to read your recap.
  12. sonjaruns said: Woah! Congrats :-)
  13. davidsgoals said: Congratulations!
  14. vdalexandra said: Congratulations!!! Good job!
  15. weegierunner said: Wow!
  16. keepgoinggreen said: Congrats buddy!!! that is awesome!
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