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Got a lot of questions/comments on why running without socks.

Lately all socks gave me blisters on the soles of my feet, so I tried running without them. That went great on runs up to 25K.
So I figured I could do it on my Marathon. Never again!!

And yes……..ouch,oef,auw,arghhhh and all other things ;-)

15 movies.

Was tagged by hardpatch to name my 15 favoriet movies and then to tag 5 other followers.

Her it goes in no special order:

1. Requiem for a dream
2. A clockwork orange
3. The sixth sense
4. Bill
5. Der Tunnel
6. Django unchained
7. Dark water
8. Saving private Ryan
9. Teenwolf
10. Karate Kid I
11. Der Untergang
12. American Psycho
13. Citizen X
14. Any given sunday
15. Jericho mile

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Berlin Marathon 2014.

40.000 people at the starting line. Maybe over a million along the course. What a Marathon!

Two years ago Berlin was my first, now two years later it’s my second time here and my fifth Marathon.
I wasn’t well prepared and wasn’t at my fittest, couple of kg’s too heavy.
So my goal was to finish…….(secretly within 4 hours in my head).
I never really got in a flow, I had to struggle from Km to Km. Not that I didn’t enjoy it…….but I had better runs.
On the half-way mark my time was 2:00:39 and I realised that a 4 hour finish wasn’t possible (I never had a positive split on a Marathon). So I slowed down a bit and tried to finish as good as possible. That was 4:15:42……….

Still I finished with 26.000 runners behind me :-)

Now a week of complete rest…… my feet can heal (post is coming). Next week I start getting fit in the gym.

Finished the Berlin Marathon 2015 !!


Am I satisfied with my time? Not really.

Am I proud I did it? Yessssss!!!!

My 5th whole Marathon at 40 years old.
I guess that’s not too bad.

Recap follows soon!!!!

Arrived in Berlin yesterday evening.
After a long ride we hit the town to eat a big schnitzel.

The beds in our hotel are very hard, so a goodnight sleep isn’t really possible. But the first night was a practice sleep….

Now off for a 4K test run in the park. Then heading to the expo to pick up our bibs.

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