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First complete day on track.

My food was balanced today, enough fruit and veggies.
My rest was good, slept enough hours.
And tonight my workout was perfect.

15 min. Eleptical.
15 min. Bike.
Chest, Back, Biceps, Triceps and upper legs.

This is the positive side of busy times at the garage. When I’m working hard, it’s easier to stay on track the rest of the day. It gives me so much energy!!

Our youngest was at a birthday party and my wife had a lazy day after a dance event.

So Q and I went to the movies. “Dummy the Mummy”……a Dutch kids movie.

He went for the biggest salty popcorn bucket… course :-)

Today I received a package from laurenrunsfurther . It contained a hoody from the #Tumblrhoodyexchange .

She wrote a note and a Wikipedia print that explained the story of the hoody. It’s from the local High School she attended. I bet I’m the only one in Holland who has a Collins Hill sweater.
I will wear it with pride!!

Love taking part in these exchanges! These things make this Tumblr community so awesome.

So, thanks Lauren for this lovely hoody (as you can see, it fits perfectly) and thanks karikeepsrunning for organizing this Exchange. Count me in for the next one ;-)

Ps: eclipsenikkie , hope yours will arrive any day now.

Visited the American War Cemetary at Margraten, Holland.


As a Veteran (Bosnia) I still sometimes wonder if it’s worth the risk to get involved in foreign affairs like Syria, IS and Iraq. But when the rest of the World had thought “no” during the WOII, my life would be so much different right now.

So, Thank you!

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