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First run in almost 2 weeks. Didn’t do anything after Hilversum CityRun.

It was too busy at work (nobody was harmed or anything in the fire incident). Thanks for all your concerns!!

8,5K done at relaxed pace with my buddy. Our marathon is in 3 weeks from now…….and I haven’t ran more than 20K at once since October. It’s gonna be on strength and passion ;-)

Race pics from last sunday’s PR.

Faster than ever, but as I look at the pictures I see way too much belly……..loads of work to do on that part.

Tonight I had a nice massage.

Thursday training with my PT.

Now sight set on may 11th : MaasMarathon Belgium.

NEW PR !!!!!!

10K in 44:05 at the Hilversum CityRun. Beat my PR from last year with 25 sec.

It was very busy, so the first K’s went a bit too slow. Think that eventually saved me from starting too fast!!
Last K I ran 3:30/km !!!!

Very happy…..lot’s of family and friends fr support…..Hilversum is my town of birth. Always the highlight of the running year.

Race pics to follow in a few days!!


14 hour work days are kicking in.
Winter is over in Holland, so everybody is changing their wintertyres.
This month is the last month of my employees contract, we didn’t give him a new one.
Hopefully we changed most tyres before May, when he’s still around.
How will I manage next year? We’ll see….
One thing I know……with cutting costs and working hard, we will survive!!

School soccer tournament. Little Q was playing and I was coach/trainer. My wife was the loudest supporter ;-)

They won their first match, but lost the 2nd and 3rd. But at least they had fun…..other teams were way too fanatical.

Tonight nice 10K with my running buddy. Talking a bit about running plans for the next years.

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