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6 nights of sleep left……..

My fifth marathon…….2 years ago, Berlin was my first.

I know what to expect……and yet I don’t.
I’m looking forward to it……and yet I don’t.
I want it to be over with……and yet I don’t.
I’m prepared……and yet I don’t.

Berlin here I come!!

Morning gym session.

The weight that i’ve put on since April couldn’t be all fat I guess. Muscles are growing by the week :-)
I would sign up for 100kg with 15% bodyfat……but that’s a long way to go.

Again, only one in the gym…hope they’ll survive. They really need more than 150 members.

Everybody have a good week!!!!

My wife and I drank almost two of those bottles last night…..

Today was the punishment : 10.65 km in just over an hour. (5:45/km).

Now breakfast.

After next week (Berlin) I’m gonna have to be more carefull. My eating was very bad the last months…..I gained almost 8 kg since April. I ran a 10K then in 44 minutes…..I can’t even get close now!!
So……the hard work starts again: lose weight, get fit……and be tough.
It’s also gonna be more hours of work at the shop….wintertyres! So that means more exercise there too…..

Another win saturday for our little Messi…….or should I say Pepe?!


Last year they couldn’t even pass a ball over 2 meters. Now they play so well together and have so much power. And Quentin isn’t affraid to put in a tackle or two :-)
Sometimes he’s so hard that I’m ashamed that I’m proud, hahahaha!!!

That makes 4 wins out of 4 games. Glad I could visit a couple of games before wintertyre time starts at work. Then it’s work on saturday.

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