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Training heavier.

After Berlin, during winter, I’m gonna put the focus on shorter runs and heavier weighttraining.

Tonight I had a rest day from running after yesterday’s 25K. So I went to the gym to hit the machines…..Damn, that felt good, been missing it.

If my belly doesn’t shrink, i’ll have to get my Chest bigger to look lean 😂.

We (my running buddy and me) wanted to do a 30K, but we felt it was wise to stop at 25K. Little pains started and with only 3 weeks of training to go, we didn’t want to push things.

2 long sunday runs to go. Next week in the beautifull town of Gent (Belgium). I’m visiting with a non-running friend, but i’ll bring my gear for a 20+.

Tonight a luxurious diner with friends, you’ll see the pics ☺️.

Have a great sunday ya’ll !!

Bought 2 Stetson Paperboy caps…..this olive one and a black one.

Anything to hide my bold spot ☺️. No, just kidding….I don’t mind getting less hair……I got a wife 😂.

Do or don’t ?

Call me crazy, but after weeks….I mean months, of short and mid-distance runs I got up early this sunday and ran long.

Berlin is 5 weeks from now and I really had to get of my lazy ass.
My boys were playing with Morgan’s new B-day toys….so my wife could stay in bed a little longer.

I ran 30K in 2:55:31. But I felt like the last pic… was physical and mentally tough….but hell yeah I did it!!

During the run I had all kinds of weather…..sun,rain and wind. That makes Holland great ☺️.

Have a good sunday!


I was tagged by hardpatch to name my favoriet 10 books. So here it goes………

1. American Psycho - Brett Easton Ellis.
2. The girl next door - Jack Ketchum.
3. The executioner’s song - Norman Mailer.
4. Blindsighted - Karin Slaughter.
5. Lord of the Flies - William Golding.
6. Waiting to be heard - Amanda Knox.
7. Birdman - Mo Hayder.
8. Citizen X - Robert Cullen.
9. Smoked - Léon Bing.
10. Ice Moon - Jan Costin Wagner.

I know a lot of you will think I’m an absolute freak seeing this list…….but I promise you, I’m a nice guy in real Life ;-)

I tag karikeepsrunning , becky-balances , letsapanda , lizzielulu114 and angelasactivelife for their list of books.

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